Rising damp, excessive moisture, buckled floor boards, mould, condensation are all symptoms of excessive moisture, often caused by a lack of ventilation.

The presence of moisture in the crawl space does not of itself mean that a permanent mechanical ventilation system is required. If the reason for the moisture is preventable and/or caused by an event which is controllable, then a ventilation system may not be necessary. If however, the problem is caused by structural issues - a permanent lack of ventilation which can only be overcome by mechanical intervention - then it will be necessary to install a permanent mechanical ventilation system which will stabilise the subfloor atmosphere so that moisture will not enter the living areas and mould will not grow. In extreme cases, the subfloor will require stabilising prior to installing a mechanical ventilation system. This is achieved by pumping warm air into the subfloor, installing sub floor dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers in the dwelling as well. We are experts at subfloor dryouts.