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Environmental ventilation


Ventilation issues - whether the dwelling is overhot and requires cooling down or the underfloor is wet and requires drying - can be dealt with simply and professionally by our company. Ventco operates throught Melbourne and frequently travels through rural Victoria assisting people with their ventilation issues.

We specialise in the following:

1. Subfloor drying eliminates musty odours

Excessive moisture in the crawl space is typically caused by either a lack of ventilation or a specific event which has caused water to penetrate the crawlspace (burst pipe, flood etc). Either way, remedial attention is required to ensure that the building is not damaged - and that the occupants' health is not compromised. The build up of moisture and humidity in your crawl space can have devastating consequences to the structural integrity of your home. Sub floor dampness due to a lack of ventilation is very common in solid brIck or brick veneer properties and if left untreated, can cause serious mould growth both in the crawl space and also in the home itself as well as internal condensation, and rotting and warping floor and structural timbers. When the ground beneath the home is moist it releases moisture and mould spores into the internal air.

It is as important to dry the subfloor as it is to install ventilation, particularly if the subfloor has been flooded due to a storm, flood or damaged drainage. This is because subfloor ventilation on its own is not capable of drying an already damp subfloor. We have the most sophisticated subfloor drying equipment (pictured on right) in Australia. Using a mixture of heat and extraction, we dry out subfloors faster than any other company.
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2. Subfloor ventilation eliminates subfloor dampness

Subfloors must be ventilated one way or the other to ensure that moisture which is naturally inherent in soil can escape from the subfloor crawlspace. Modern building regulations provide for passive ventilation which provides cross flow ventilation allowing the subfloor moisture to escape. Older houses are the ones which most often have ventilation issues in the subfloor which can lead to rising damp. In this instance, installing mechanical ventilation is often the answer. Click HERE for more information >>

3. Roof cavity ventilation will increase insulation efifciency

Ventilaiton in the roof cavity which allows the built up hot air to escape, assists in keeping the house cool as it allows the insulation (if any) to operate more efficiently. Temperatures in a roof cavity can reach 70°C in summer. Click HERE for more information >>

4. Home ventilation will reduce built up heat in the home

An overhot dwelling can cause great discomfort to occupants and home ventilation systems provide the answer. There are several different home ventilation options available, from single room ventilation systems through to whole of house systems ducted through the roof void. Operated via either a timer or a hygrometer (humidity metre), they work without human intervention.
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5. Environmental home ventilation makes homes healthier

We also install systems which filter the existing air through charcoal and HEPA filters, removing airborne particulates, VOC's and odour from the built environment. These systems are designed for extreme allergy sufferers and the affects of constantly filtering the indoor air are dramatic. Essentially the dwelling is permanently and constantly having all of the indoor air being filtered, removing Volatile Organic Compounds and Airbonre particulates which includes dust mites, mould spores, skin flakes, pollens etc. These systems work independently of any input from any occupant and the entire volume of air in the dwelling is filtered and cleansed a minimum of 12 times daily. Click HERE for more information>>


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