Ventco Commercial division

Our large commercial fans are ideal for hospitals, warehouses, gymnasiums, offices etc. With performance levels from 1,700 cubic metres per hour up to 15,000 cubic metres per hour our fans are large enough to ventilate the biggest commercial areas.

Australian manufactured centrifugal (quieter, cheaper and more powerful than axial fans) ventilations fans can operate both manually (without power only wind assisted) and powered by 240 Volts when required, saving on running costs.

Our commercial installations are covered by a four year parts and labour warranty and are performed by qualified staff. We carry fully insurance and provide all required certification for your security.

Working at heights

We have invested in the required equipment for working safely at heights. We own our own portable scaffolding (pictured) which can allow us ot work safely at up to 8 metres and also own a boom which allows us to work up to 12 metres high.